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Personality Assessment

Traitify is a visual personality assessment tool that recommends careers, jobs and education based on personality and preference data. Users swipe through a short series of images, answering “Me” or “Not Me” to generate individualized results in about 90 seconds.


  • Career stability: Trade jobs are in high demand and are often considered essential positions, providing students with stability and job security.
  • Good earning potential: Trade jobs can offer a good income, with many tradespeople earning salaries comparable (or more) to professionals with college degrees.
  • Hands-on learning: Trade careers offer students the opportunity to learn and work with their hands, providing a hands-on, practical learning experience.
  • Opportunities for advancement: Many trade careers offer opportunities for advancement and the potential to start one’s own business.
  • Skills that are in demand: Trade skills are in high demand, and students who pursue a career can be confident that their skills will be in demand for years to come.
  • Alternative to traditional 4-year college: Trade careers provide a valuable alternative and students can avoid the high cost of tuition and student loan debt.
  • Career satisfaction: Many people find great satisfaction in working in the trades and enjoy the tangible results of their work, such as building a structure or fixing a problem.

I previously worked in the history field but there wasn’t a lot of job opportunities. I like the idea of being able to melt stuff…it’s cool!

– Mariah Kenny, Robot Welder, BTD Manufacturing

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