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About Dalsin Industries

Over the past three years, Dalsin has won numerous industry and local awards. In fact, in 2020, Dalsin won the prestigious “2020 Manufacturer of the Year” award from the Manufacturers and Fabricators Association—the most visible award they grant each year! Only one U.S. company wins this annual award, and Dalsin was selected for a rich combination of consistent growth and operational excellence.

Not only that, the top two Minneapolis-St. Paul business magazines—the Twin Cities Business Journal and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal–each awarded Dalsin Manufacturer of the Year awards.

This kind of success happens because Dalsin operates its business according to strong core values and understands how important people are to its success. We like our technology and state-of-the-art production equipment, but we consider people as the core of our success. Our ability to integrate people and processes in unique ways makes us a better business, and one that is consistently recognized for its performance against other fabricators and manufacturers too.

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