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Carbone’s Lakeville is currently hiring for the following positions.
Hiring Delivery Drivers

Carbone’s Lakeville is like no other restaurant in the Twin Cities. Not even any other Carbone’s. We began in 2002 with the incredible quality and heritage of Carbone’s – “voted best pizza in the twin cities” – and decided to test the limits of excellence.

We make everything we possibly can right in our own kitchen. We hand-cut our own meats and fries. We select and slice all our own vegetables – we even have a special process that keeps our ice-cold lettuce incredibly crisp. And our other ingredients are second to none.

We get our fresh cheeses – like our Maytag Blue – from a small, artisan dairy in Wisconsin. Our crusts are made from scratch, and all our sauces, too, like our famous Ranch Dressing. Then there’s our Minnesota Wild Rice Soup. Made fresh each day from a recipe only our head chef knows – when he goes home we always say, “Drive safely!”

Everyone loves the friendly, family atmosphere here. But in the back, we admit it, we’re obsessed with freshness and flavor. Customers beg us to bottle and package all the signature items we’ve created. And maybe we will someday. But until then, all our recipes will remain jealously guarded secrets. So if you like what you taste here, there’s only one way to get it.

Come to Carbone’s Lakeville.

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