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Getting ready for your first interview

Interviews can be intimidating, and having resources in place to help prep for job interviews are crucial. From knowing how to dress to how to handle specific situations, job interviews are full of formalities and questions. Our tips and tricks will help you prepare for job interviews.

Salary Calculator

Receive a personalized, individual salary estimate based on your unique skillset, job title, years of experience, and location to better understand your worth.

Resume Builder

Selling your skillset, experiences, and education can be tough. Looking for employment can be a time consuming and frustrating task. We know how hard this can be and to make your life easier, we have prepared a series of resources to ease you through this process. You will walk away creating your unique resume to set you apart from the pack and help you land your dream job.


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Traitify Personality Assessment

Traitify is a visual personality assessment tool that recommends careers, jobs and education based on personality and preference data. Users swipe through a short series of images, answering “Me” or “Not Me” to generate individualized results in about 90 seconds.